Immersive Spanish Courses in Barcelona
Learn FAST and Enjoy the City
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Full Immersion Courses for Individuals

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This is our unique course where you receive intensive and active tuition both inside the classroom and out. You will have the advantage of being hosted by the teacher exposing you to the language so you are continuously speaking, listening and learning.

Through our agenda which includes a diverse range of social activities, you will meet and interact with local people, making new friends and improving your Spanish skills. This combination of both theory and practice in the real world will allow you to advance your skill quickly with a focus on practicality.
  • All levels and ages
  • Tailored to your level and needs
  • Conversation practice with native speakers
What is included:




- All lessons will be tailored to your level and learning speed -
from £350 per week
How does it work?
From the moment you arrive, you will start your immersion. The teacher will meet you when you get to Barcelona (At the airport, train station etc). You will be hosted with them at their home and every day you will have breakfast together and a 2 hour lesson consisting of grammar, pronunciation, Spanish expressions and vocabulary. After the lessons you can go out and have lunch with the teacher and start practising what you have learned in the class.

You will then have the afternoon to explore the city and do as you please.

In the evening, there will be much more conversation. You will meet new people, have fun with different activities and exchange languages. This is a great way to improve fast and make new friends. There is a great variety of activities for all likes and ages. Later, for dinner, you can prepare something yourself or go out and enjoy the city and even further utilise your new language skills.

An example agenda:

There are many different activities you can choose from, a full list of which you will pick from when booking your course. We are highly flexible to suit different tastes, schedules and interests. A typical week might look like:
Sunday Welcome Day & Dinner
Monday Morning Lesson: 10am to 12pm
Conversation Class: 6pm to 8pm
Mojito Night
Tuesday Morning Lesson: 10am to 12pm
Conversation Class: 6pm to 8pm
Salsa Class
Wednesday Morning Lesson: 10am to 12pm
Conversation Class: 6pm to 8pm
Thursday Morning Lesson: 10am to 12pm
Conversation Class: 6pm to 8pm
Board Game Night
Friday Morning Lesson: 10am to 12pm
Conversation Class: 6pm to 8pm
Language Exchange & drinks
Saturday Departure
Once again, if some of these activities are not your thing, don't worry - we have a wide variety of alternatives.

Latest Testimonials:

"I have been in Barcelona twice studying Spanish. First I went to a language school, We studied grammar and we did conversation with the students in the same class.

My Spanish was ok but I wanted to practice with native speakers and that was difficult. It is not the same to talk to another English speaker than to a native Spanish speaker.

My second time was with Aralingo. I was looking something different, We studied grammar and vocabulary in the morning, I had free the afternoon to explore the city and then we have different activities, meeting local people, board games, salsa etc. It was a great week. "